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The Museum

The museum provides our visitors with an overview of the rich past of South-Holland, by displaying a multitude of archaeological objects, using new media and offering so-called ‘participation tables’.
A visit to the museum consists of three parts:

Our introductionfilm (with English subtitles!) will prepare you for over 600 interesting objects, intriguing stories and strange customs from past times. Within several minutes you will travel throughout history.
Upstairs you can visit our temporary exhibition!

First floor
After the introduction your visit continues on the first floor of the museum, up the stairs of the auditorium. This room has been set up as a depot for archaeological objects, and covers prehistory (from the Mesolithic, 8000 BC onwards), the Roman Period (12 BC until 406 AD) and the Middle Ages (406 AD up till the 15th century), as well as the time after the 15th century. Hoe did prehistoric people think about death? How does an exotic monkey end up in a Dutch well?
Work as a real archaeologist on our lab-tables. Research real archaeologic ceramic material and touch actual skeletons!

Roman Museum
The ground floor of the museum specifically covers the Roman Period in our geographic region. Many Roman discoveries from Alphen aan den Rijn tell the story of not only soldiers, but also the local inhabitants. Discover how Romans used to write (try it yourself!), see their weaponry and find our what they used for payment.